The images used on this blog and in the accompanying book are taken from the original Rider-Waite Deck. The copyright status of the original deck was subject to debate with varying time frames given as to when such copyright would expire. The final claim to the copyright has now expired, and the images are therefore now in the public domain.

Below you will find a link to download the complete deck including all cards of the Major Arcana and all 4 suits of the Minor Arcana

Click here to download

On the summary screen that appears click the down arrow in the top right corner to download the archive

Note: These images are part of the public domain and are free to use without attribution. Other trademarks and brands including the Rider-Waite name however remain the intellecutal property of US Games. You may freely use these images in your creative works and commercial projects but you should seek legal advice before creating works that use the Rider-Waite name or associated materials.

For a more detailed explanation of the copyright status of the Rider-Waite branding and associated materials, please follow this link

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