The Major Arcana

Each card of the Major Arcana has a unique name and a depiction of a scene intended to relate to its meaning. As previously noted, The Fool serves as an oddity in the Major Arcana, in some decks it takes the value of 0 and is placed at the start of the Major Arcana, and in others it takes the value XXII (22) and is placed at the end of the Major Arcana.

The order of the Major Arcana otherwise follows convention with minor deviations. The Major Arcana can be thought of as the fool’s journey through life, from ignorance to enlightenment. with a deck that holds the Fool as the first card being forward looking; whilst decks that hold the Fool as the final card can be thought of as reflective and backward looking, with the Fool serving as recognition of the elements to which we remain ignorant even at the end of the Great Journey.

In most decks the Major Arcana will be numbered using Roman Numerals making their position explicit.

Below you will find links to posts for each card of the Major Arcana where they are discussed in greater detail.

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