The Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles - Tarot Card from the Rider-Waite Deck

Representing the maternal nature; the Queen of Pentacles represents the burden of wealth created by obligation. The Queen of Pentacles represents the distribution of wealth and the attempt to mediate a conscience when determining who would benefit most from the wealth we distribute.

In the upright state the Queen of Pentacles represents the recognition that wealth attained but not shared makes those who horde that wealth culpable for the lost potential and deprivation that results from their inaction. The Queen of Pentacles has no desire to horde wealth, but rather focuses on the potential it holds.

In the inverted state the Queen of Pentacles represents the limit of our benevolence and the understanding that not all problems can be solved, not all requests can be met, our judgement must be used to determine who would benefit most, and subsequently the choice we make further burdens us with responsibility for the outcome of our actions and inactions.

In the Rider-Waite deck the Queen of Pentacles depicts a Queen upon her throne with a sorrowful expression, surrounded by flowers representing abundance and fertility, she gazes down at a single pentacle in her hands with a dejected look of contemplation, here the lone pentacle represents the Ace of Pentacles once more and the Queen’s expression depicts the act of contemplating that gift and to whom it could be given.

In self-reflection the Queen of Pentacles serves as a prompt to consider your environment and reflect on where your understanding of that environment is rooted and how to impart that understanding. Legacy is once more the theme, with the Queen of Pentacles serving as the penultimate card in the entire Tarot deck this shouldn’t be surprising.

Ask yourself “What advice would I give someone else?” but this time give your answer instead in the context of nurturing someone new attempting to achieve what you have done. The Queen of Pentacles does not answer what, or how, but instead advises the individual how best to care for themselves, how to prepare their mind and spirit for the journey they are to embark upon. Your advice here might not pertain to their goal at all, but rather focus on how to reinforce the spirit and strengthen their mind that it may position itself.

A mother births a child and becomes responsible for differing sets of needs that child will have as it grows. In the first few years their sole objective is to keep the child alive, everything else is secondary until the child learns to meet some of those needs for itself. As they grow the mother’s responsibility shifts to meet a new set of needs. When considering your legacy in terms of the Queen of Pentacles your objective is to consider the needs of the individual that they won’t yet have recognised they must meet.

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