The 6 of Cups

The 6 of Cups - Tarot Card from the Rider-Waite Deck

Representing transience and movement; the 6 of Cups represents an alternative outcome, either arrived from the 4 of Cups preceding, or as the result of the conflict in the 5 of Cups; in both cases the end result is the same whichever path led us here. The 6 of Cups represents the transformation of the forward progress of our relationship.

In the upright state the 6 of Cups represents renewed potential, new opportunities and growth in our relationship. Our connection deepens and a new level of comfort and security is achieved.

In the inverted state the 6 of Cups represents sacrifices made to maintain our relationship, compromise and concessions are to be made. Further reinforcing our commitment to the relationship and our determination for it to succeed.

In the Rider-Waite deck the 6 of Cups depicts 6 golden chalices each bearing a single white flower in the shape of a star; the star shape represents navigation with the six cups collectively representing the paths our relationship can take going forward, reinforcing the concept of potential and fertility, this serves as a reminder that there is always another option, always more than one choice that can be made.

Two children are depicted in the centre with one gifting the other a chalice with a flower seated within, this represents our renewed commitment and act of devotion. The white colour represents purity, and peace, emphasising the resolution of conflict and concession. In the rear to the left a man can be seen walking away, this represents the abandonment of intervention and the renewed sense of independence contained within the relationship.

In self-reflection the 6 of Cups serves as a prompt to consider what is dynamic, moving, ever changing in your environment, chance encounters and fleeting moments don’t create a foundation that is easy to build on – it’s not impossible, just highly improbable that you can build a relationship with someone in this way.

Similar to the 4 of Cups which represents stability, the 6 of Cups is about recognising what is changing that can be made static, or indeed what is static that could be made dynamic if it would make things move with greater ease. Here the emphasis is recognising the importance of friction and its use in an effort to steer yourself in the direction you want to travel.

Ask yourself “Can this go anywhere?” and “Should I be more flexible?” - Where this specifically relates to changes in your emotions and feelings it can be a question instead of why things won’t settle, ask yourself “What keeps changing?” and try to determine if that is something you are happy about or not – uncertainty is not the determining factor here but rather our willingness to commit.

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