The 2 of Cups

The 2 of Cups - Tarot Card from the Rider-Waite Deck

Representing balance; the 2 of Cups is associated with the foundation of a relationship forming, this will be built upon over time. This can also be interpreted as an act of commitment, either in the literal sense representing a marriage or union, or in the metaphorical sense interpreted as a promise or engagement.

In the upright state the 2 of Cups represents a relationship progressing to the next level, what was opportunity in the Ace of Cups becomes reality with the 2 of Cups. The Ace for example could represent a date with a new love interest, and the 2 of Cups would represent a relationship emerging from the connection that was formed.

In the inverted state the 2 of Cups can represent the frustration that a path to progress is not forthcoming, this could be a sign that the relationship will not go further, or it could be a sign that more effort is needed to harvest the potential the relationship holds, for example the desire for a relationship with a new love interest might go unfulfilled.

In the Rider-Waite deck the 2 of Cups is almost identical to the Lovers card. Where the Lovers depicted Adam and Eve below the Archangel Raphael, here we see the Virgin Mary and Joseph depicted below Mark the Herald. As mentioned previously in the Wheel of Fortune, the four heralds or Gospel Writers are often depicted as an Angel, an Eagle, a Lion, and an Ox. The Lion of Saint Mark represents Mark in heraldic form. With the Gospel of Mark telling the story of Jesus’s life and Ministry representing the humanity and divinity in union.

The heraldic form of Mark further extends downward with a rod enrobed by 2 serpents forming the Caduceus, or Herald’s Wand often associated with Hermes in Greek Mythology and Mercury in Roman tradition this wand literally represents the word of God bestowed upon mankind by messengers [heralds] of the gods. Mary and Joseph are seen below Mark holding two golden chalices in their hand making an act of commitment.

In self-reflection the 2 of Cups serves as a prompt to consider how much focus you are placing on your relationships, and whether you are giving them the attention they deserve, whether that be too much or too little. The focus here is on recognising the balance of your approach, not necessarily the reciprocation from the other person. The key question is whether you are expressing your emotions. Relationships can’t be transactional where we expect every interaction to be invoiced and recuperated, every relationship will incorporate a certain level of imbalance by the natural diversity that exists within people and within ourselves.

Our own capabilities, our emotional stability, our mood, and our priorities are not static but ever changing. These can fluctuate minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, or gradually change over time. Relationships should be considered in the context of expectations and communication.

Ask yourself “Have I shown an interest in their life?” or “Am I spending too much time with them?” and “Am I trying too hard?” the focus here needs to be placed on whether you are allowing your relationship to grow organically or whether you are trying to accelerate the connection.

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