The 3 of Cups

The 3 of Cups - Tarot Card from the Rider-Waite Deck

Representing connection; the 3 of Cups is associated with the reinforcement of our relationship with bindings and obligations. Hope and optimism are often associated with this card in particular with an emphasis on celebration and potential.

In the upright state the 3 of Cups represents a willingness to embark on a great journey, an openness and comfort, or sense of fulfilment. This card essentially represents the honeymoon period of any relationship, where connection flows, and harmony is nurtured, the relationship grows during this period and the connection deepens. The 3 of Cups usually portends a happy period in your life.

In the inverted state the 3 of Cups represents a warning not to close down or withhold emotions out of fear. The 3 of Cups emphasises hope, and there is no hope in fear. In the inverted state it is a prompt to focus on the opportunities to grow the relationship and to reflect on the obstructions you are creating to that growth.

In the Rider-Waite deck the 3 of Cups depicts a harvest scene with 3 women raising their chalices in unison toasting to the bountiful harvest in celebration to reap their rewards. On the ground around them vine fruits can be seen representing abundance and opportunity, fertility and prosperity.

In self-reflection following on from the theme of connection, the 3 of Cups asks us to consider the opportunities we are creating to establish a new connection. Where the Ace of Cups represented kindling the existing potential through potential connections, the 3 of Cups here represents the creation of opportunity for completely new connections.

Where this relates to connections with others, ask yourself “Am I making myself available?” and “How could someone meet me?” the focus here should be to consider your day-to-day activities, your online presence, and your role in your wider community including those who have an existing connection to you. All of these taken together create a map with you at the centre and each path leading to you the more opportunities for connection you create, the more potential for connection grows.

Where this relates to the connection between our emotions and our feelings, ask yourself “How do I feel?” or “Am I being honest with myself about how I feel?” a simple exercise to gauge this level of awareness is to use camera that can be positioned where you would normally be most active and set it to record. The goal here is not to watch the recording live, but to forget it is there and behave however you normally would. Later when you watch the recording back you will see a more accurate depiction of the projection of your emotions.

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