The Tarot Trifecta

The Tarot Trifecta by Caesar Devine book cover showing a triangle containing a white pentagram with 3 further pentagrams outside coloured red, green, and blue which match the gradient effect on the triangle

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a fascination with divination, prophecy, and the ability to see the future. When I first discovered Tarot cards I was entranced, and confused. The cards were beautiful and their imagery was vivid but my interpretation was limited only by what I could see. I knew there was a deeper meaning, Occult knowledge that lay hidden in plain sight.

My journey of discovery through the symbolism and deeper meaning of the Tarot has been long and often walked alone. I didn't know anyone who could read Tarot Cards and further still the Conservative Christian environment I grew up within did not look kindly upon anything that dabbled in 'dark arts' something which my ignorance of the true meaning of Tarot took to be an accurate depiction of their origin - the truth couldn't be further from this perception however, Tarot at its core, specifically the Rider-Waite Tarot deck is profoundly Christian in its imagery.

The perception that Tarot is a dark art I believe is rooted in the symbolism of some cards of the Major Arcana such as Death and the Devil, symbols which the uninitiated take at face value, as examples their true meaning within the Tarot are that of transition in the former, and bargaining in the latter. The root of these meanings lie in the profound change that death and grief has upon us, and the proverbial Faustian pact or deals made with the Devil respectively.

The more I explored the rich history of Tarot over the years the more I came to realise the logic and reason that underpinned the symbolism. At its core Tarot represents the life journey of a fool who passes through the trials and tribulations of life, gaining knowledge and experience along the way, emerging with wisdom and ascending to a higher plane at its close.

In writing this book I sought to create a text that could take a mind such as mine that held a fascination for Tarot and impart the meaning, symbolism, and application that I wish I had available to me when I first started out on my journey.

I regard myself as an Omnitheist, I find no particular allegiance to any one religion, but rather I accept that all religions have merit in their origin and their teachings. I believe in one Universal spirit which many call God and I fundamentally believe that the question of their existence should be boiled down to one simple position - "Do you believe in a God?" with your answer being yes, or no, this simple position which at its core is an expression of opinion and faith without any need for proof. Beyond this position I believe that anything and everything is open to debate, should be questioned, and should be subject to change as we learn more about the Universe and what lies beyond it.

This mentality has formed the foundation of my relationship to Tarot. There are many different interpretations of the art form, and many conflicting beliefs and assertions which I found hard to resolve as I explored in the pursuit of understanding. To that end I have come to write this text with three key perspectives which I believe when taken together give the best overall picture to serve as the foundation of your understanding of Tarot.

These three approaches detail a Scientific, Holistic, and Spiritual perspective in turn, combining to create a vision of a greater connection. The Scientific approach details the use of Tarot cards for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and their purpose as reframing templates therein; I believe this serves as the foundation to explain why Tarot as an art speaks to so many people, the general and specific focuses of each card are explained without a Spiritual context in this approach, meaning no matter what your Spiritual belief, or lack thereof may be, everyone can find utility in the Tarot from this approach.

The Spiritual approach goes beyond Science and the realm of fact, and delves into the realm of belief and speculation to explore the symbolism and application of the Tarot as a means to divine the future. This section outlines the traditional meanings of the Tarot, my own personal interpretation, and detailing of the most pronounced symbols used within the Rider-Waite Tarot deck as an example. This section best serves those who seek to use the Tarot for divination, and those who wish to understand just how these vivid depictions of the life of a fool can relate to so many people, and the wisdom hidden within them, shared freely for anyone with an open mind to embrace.

The Holistic approach attempts to bridge these two approaches with information that explains the parallels that exist within the two, where Science refutes the applicability of Tarot you can see first hand where possible explanations lie that could connect the two. The Holistic approach is filled with speculation, philosophical musings, and at its core the question of "What if?" in response to the scepticism others are so often eager to levy on those who believe.

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